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Construction of the - Joyce Kiln
Kiln Drawing
Most of my art career I've focused experimenting with works on paper, lithographic printmaking, collage, book making, and primarily watercolor painting. In 2006 my family and I moved to Northwest Indiana and I took up pottery, first as an exploration with the medium, but quickly becoming totally obsorbed in throwing and hand building. My artistic passion now is totally focused on pottery. The first three years making pottery were at LillStreet Studios in Chicago. During 2010 I began working at LillStreet's Lakeside Michigan studio and continue using that studio to this day. But... I am now in the process of building my own kiln with the special construction skills of Matthew Gaddy (an exceptional wood fire potter) at my "Work in Progress" studio at my home residence near New Carlisle Indiana.

The Joyce Kiln is named in memory my mother Joyce L. Skinner.

Photos by Louise Belmont-Skinner and Steven Skinner.
Shed Construction
Surveying the size of the Foundation
Double checking foundation dimensions
Taking a break
Digging the foundation
Zac Working
Steve and Zac Pouring Cement
Pouring concrete
Steven Working
My Handprint
My Handprint
First dug postholes
First dug postholes
Cat on a Ladder
Cat on a Ladder
Poles in Holes
Poles in Holes
Gal and Dogs
Gal and Dogs
Framed to Date
Framing as of Sept. 1
Red Roof
Red Roof
Roofed Shed
Roofed Sept. 13
Kiln Construction
Cat Adviser
Cat Inspector.
Fire Bricks
Fire bricks
The Crew
Mathew Gaddy
The Work
First Row Measurimg Damper
Damper Damper
Kiln Interior Kiln Walls
Arch Frame Arch Frame
Arch Frame Bricked Arch
Welded Kiln Frame Finished Kiln Frame
Burner Voila
Done for the Day So Far
Kiln and Propane Tank The Crew

The Chimney came next. I was fortunate to have a friend and neighbor give me bricks left over from a job.

Laying Bricks Finished Chimney
First and Second Firings
Loading kiln Loading kiln Loading kiln

40 plus firings and the Joyce kiln is doing great!