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Hand Tools
Most tools I already had as a homeowner and a cabinet maker. Several were pretty basic such as screwdrivers and pliers. I already owned a cabinetry hammer, but found a framing hammer handy, as well as a ten lb. maul and a sledge hammer, plus a couple of crowbars. Chisels included a 2", a 3/4", and an old 1" that I put a 16 inch handle on. A crosscut saw worked okay, but I found Japanese style pull saws especially advantageous when cutting complicated joints.

I gathered an assortment of drill bits plus 1/4", 5/16", and 3/8" electrician bits for their extra length. A couple of ship augers and a brace came in handy as well as a set of spade bits. An assortment of slotted, philips, and square drive power drivers were a must. Needless to say I drove almost every screw with an electric drill. Gotta include counter sinks. I keep several around as I'm always misplacing 'em.

Squares are a must. I have your normal Stanley square, plus a couple of combination squares, a framing square, and a couple adjustable bevels.

I like to use hand planes. I rely heavily on my Record joiner plane and keep a couple of block planes plus a jack plane around as well. A rabbet plane came in very handy. So too did an assortment of scrapers.

Odds and end tools consisted of a ballpeen hammer, a two foot level, a six foot level, vice grips, 3/8" and 1/2" dies, a hydraulic jack, a handy billy, bench vise, and clamps (you can never have enough clamps). These included an assortment of Jorgensen jaw clamps, Pony clamps, 1/2" pipe clamps, and steel "C" clamps. Spring clamps have been useful too, Mostly to secure a tarp over the boat because of a leaky garage roof.

Power Tools
I don't own many power tools. The following seemed to handle just about everything. A 3/8" electric drill, a 3/8" battery powered drill, a circular saw, a 3/4 horse router, a Craftsman table saw, belt sander, orbital sander, power planer (I didn't get this till recently), and a bench mounted drill press. A band saw would have come in useful, but I've gotten by without. A Bosch jigsaw worked very well toward the end of construction.