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New Pottery Designs for 2018
Organic, Contemporary, & Ffunctional
Stoneware Bonnet Bowl
Hand built and wheel thrown stoneware
16" diameter x 5" high
In late 2017 Steve made several prototypes based on a new concept. Like many of his past designs he worked on a bowl that combined function with a sculptural, handbuilt form.
Potter Steve in Studio
Bonnet Bowl #7629 with Salt Blue glaze
Bonnet Bowl #7628 with Creme Brulee glaze

Stoneware Jug with Handle
9" h x 7" diameter - Holds over 50 oz.
Glazed interior. Exterior is washed with iron oxide.
A truly robust JUG worthy of the best of spirits shared among the best of friends. The jug's organic shape is inspired by a gourd grown in our family garden.
Stoneware Jug with stoneware stoneware wrapped Whiskey Cups... perfect combo!

Stoneware Terrine
14" long x 9" wide x 4" high
Available in a glazed interior of Creme Brulee, Titanium Blue & Yellow Salt.
Unglazed exterior with iron oxide.
Another new design for 2018 is an oval stoneware tureen with a wrapped stoneware "ribbon" to create the bowl's walls. The impetus for this design was a customer who loved the organic quality of our work, but needed/wanted an oval bowl which could fit on a narrow table in a hallway.

Stoneware Oval Terrines glazed with Creme Brulee #7519 and Titanium Blue #7573
Stoneware Oval Terrine glazed with Yellow Salt #7636.

Stoneware Platter
16" long x 9" wide x 3"
Glazes: Titanium Blue (top), Yellow Salt (bottom), and Creme Brulee (not pictured). glazes
Call this an "aha" moment. Steve finished his morning coffee and walked into the studio. He made an oval stoneware slab and... violà. The oval platter was created.


Stoneware Oval Platter with Titanium Blue #7574 and Yellow Salt #7575 glazes.

Favorite Stoneware Designs
Stoneware Wrapped Bowls
Available in 3 diameter sizes: Small 6" (below), medium 8", large 10" Interior glazes: Creme Brulee, Titanium Blue, Yellow Salt, Shaner's White, Vegas Red Exterior "Wrap" comes in natural stoneware or with porcelain inlay
These bowls elegantly combine pottery making techniques: the traditional wheel thrown bowl with a hand built "ribbon" of clay wrapped around its top.


Stoneware Favorite Bowls
Available in sizes: Small, medium, & large
Interior glazes: Creme Brulee, Titanium Blue
Exterior: Natural stoneware or with porcelain inlay

Medium-sized Favorite Bowls with Creme Brulee glaze.
Stoneware Favorite Bowls
Available in sizes: Small, medium, & large
Interior glazes: Titanium Blue
Exterior: Natural stoneware or with porcelain inlay

Favorite Bowls with Titanium Blue glaze.

Stoneware Crucibles
Our Crucible is a best seller. You tell us it's a unique gift for a house warming, a bridal shower, a brother-in-law who loves to bake, or... And, the Bread & Crucible booklet, with the potter's bread recipe, makes this one of the most unique offerings we have.

crucible3016 crucible7585 crucible1599
ABOVE: 7" diameter x 5" high ​Glazes: (left) Creme Brulee, (middle) Titanium Blue, and (right) Yellow Salt
Exteriors: (left and middle) Porcelain Inlay and (right) Natural Stoneware
crucible2260 crucible7593
ABOVE: 7"diameter x 5 high ​Glaze: Shaner's White
Exteriors: (left) Porcelain White Wash; (right) Porcelain Speckles

To a Peace-filled, Productive, Compassionate 2018!

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